Electrical Questions on Basic Electrical – 1

This page contains numbers of various electrical questions – more specifically electrical engineering basic questions. We have uploaded here as many as possible basic electrical questions with their best suitable answer. List of such questions are given below:

Atomic structure and electric change.

What is drift current?

What is the direction of conventional current flow?

What is the nature of electricity?

Proper definition of electric current?

How to measure electric current?

Discuss about the electric potential.

What is electrical potential ?

What is the difference between emf and potential difference?

What are the Passive and active elements of electric circuit?

What is a linear element.

What is a nonlinear element?

What is a unilateral element ?

What is a bilateral element.

What are the Bilateral and unilateral network elements?

What is the definition of electrical conductivity?

Why insulator can not conduct electricity?

What is electrical conductivity of semiconductor?

Theory of electrical conductivity of metal.

What is the actual definition of electrical resistance?

State laws of resistance.

Specific Resistance or Resistivity of Materials.

Explain Ohm’s law.

What is Ohm's Law?

What are the factors affecting resistance of a wire?

What is electric charge?

State and explain coulomb’s law.

What is electric flux?

What should be the proper definition of electric field?

What is electric dipole moment?

What is electric field intensity?

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